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Receive real-time email alerts concerning the companies you and your firm want to keep a close eye on. Stay constantly up to date with their latest news and activity.

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Receive weekly, daily, or live email briefings on all your tracked companies. You'll never miss an uportant update again.

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With artificial intelligence-powered alerts and summarization, you'll never miss an important update.

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Frictionless Tracking

"Click & Forget" - Add the companies you want to track via the ShrinkWrap web app.
Their news and updates will be automatically added to your email briefings.

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No additional setup or clunky CRM required. All email configuration is handled securely on our side.

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Intelligent Summaries

Email synopses are delivered to your inbox for all news articles. Don't waste hours each day staying up-to-date.

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Article content is analyzed using artificial intelligence to determine if it's positive, negative, or neutral, letting you scan for relevent news items quicker.

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Julian Stubbington

Principal, Leon River Ventures

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