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How many companies can I track?

Unlimited! All accounts allow for an unlimited number of companies and alerts - Add as many as you need!

How does billing work?

We accept credit card via Stripe. All customers are billed monthly, and annual contracts are available (15% discount).

How do I add colleagues?

First sign-up for a trial, and then from the web app you can send email invites to any other colleagues.

Do you offer firm-wide discounts?

Yes. Reach out to and we'll get in touch.

Where does ShrinkWrap search for alerts?

We are constantly indexing millions of pages from over 300 public and private data sources, including: social media profiles, company websites, legal filings, news feeds, crowdsourcing, and many more.

How do you avoid sending irrelevant items?

We combine a mix of human guidance and artificial intelligence to avoid overly-noisy alerting and ensure that false positives don't clutter up your alerts and newsletters.

Do you offer yearly price plans?

Yes, we offer a discount for 12-month plans. Annual plans can be paid via wire transfer or credit card.

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