Never Miss An Update.
Real-Time Alerts From 1M+ Sources.

All In One Place

Unified view for all the news & alerts.

See every mention of your tracked companies from one single pane of glass.

Track events such as press releases, breaking news, quarterly results, and job postings.

One-Click App

Quickly start tracking new companies.

Easily add new companies that you want to track via the web app.

Alternatively, bulk-import CSVs of companies all at once.

Research VS Portfolio Distinction

Designed for firm workflows.

Built for venture capital, private-equity, and other investors from day 1.

Separate out pre-investment/due-diligence companies from existing firm portfolio, and view the alerts independently.

AI-Powered Summaries

Daily briefing in your inbox.

Wake up to a personalized email of the day's greatest hits all in one short, condensed package.

Get up to speed quickly in just a couple minutes each morning.

Additional Integrations

Other ways to extract value from the ShrinkWrap platform.

Chrome Extension

Download from the Chrome store, and track new companies with a single click.

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Post real-time company alerts into channels or direct messages.

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Add company updates to your automation workflows.

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API Access

Query the ShrinkWrap backend directly & receive JSON payloads.

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Build stronger & more informed partnerships by getting the context you need.
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